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I need to give people credit?

Trying to get creative in teaching some sort of “study skill,” while incorporating technology, and meeting one the course objectives (“creating academically successful learning groups”) has been challenging! After perusing through the internet and wondering what I can do, I finally thought of “citations!”

Something that I’ve been mindful about is that I am not teaching a technology course; yet, I do want my students to be efficient in navigating the digital world for academic purposes. Thus, I came up with the assignment for students to practice citations in learning groups. I have found many of my students struggle with their “Works Cited”/”References” page. Just yesterday, I had someone ask me about formatting the second line when it wraps around.

So, this assignment will be for students to research online for a good source to help them complete an in class activity the next time we meet. I am hoping that someone will share “Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).” In either case, I will use this one as a reference.

The other part of their homework will be to bring a favorite book of theirs to share. I would prefer one where they found one that they can relate to either ethnically, culturally, or a theme relevant to them. For examples, I would share either “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” or “The Rice Room: Growing Up Chinese-American from Number Two Son to Rock ‘n’Roll.”

Our in class activity  the next time we meet will be for them to properly cite the book in MLA format. Thus, students will need to have done their homework in researching a reference for how-to cite (books, articles, journals, newspaper, etc…). Additionally, I will assign students into groups for them to cite scholarly articles, which I will provide, using APA format. Group members will work together to pull their resources and help each other out on their individual book and scholarly journals citations. Each students will also take 2 minutes to orally share the book they’ve chosen and turn in their written citations before end of class.

Help! Love for any suggestions if can meet all 3 criteria: 1)  teach a “study skill” 2) incorporate technology use 3) involve creating an academically successful learning groups.

Below, I also created another informal discussion activity on Canvas to build collaboration and learning about each other. If you’re following along, then you’ll notice that I created Week 1 and jumped to Week 3, because I decided that I will have the class decide what questions/writing prompts they will like me to post on the even weeks.

Discussion 3


2 thoughts on “I need to give people credit?

  1. Love this. Can you have them create a class bibliography in Google Docs? And have them comment/ question APA styles? Is there a color coding system that they could use in creating their entries to highlight commonalities across different kinds of citations? (year/ journal article title vs book title…. or something that you want them to notice? )

    I love OWLS and use it myself all the time. It’s cool to talk about citing digital resources like tweets and blog posts also –

    I’ll think more about this with you.


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    1. Your idea and suggestions are so clever! Yeah, forget about old fashion paper to turn in when they come up to present. They should enter their one book citation onto the Google Docs to share. The great stuff I saw from your suggestions: Google Docs allows each individual to support each other (In other words, if I am not sure what I am doing, then I can “see” others who have responded to “copy” (guide and help me), I also found the color code to be another type of learning guidance in the ways you mentioned.

      And yes, OWL is one my best friends through grad school. I only learned of this from a colleague in helping students out themselves. I just love how easy it is to navigate, the great detailed examples, and let’s not forget those samples!

      Look forward to working and developing this activity more with you. Thank you!


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