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Math Inquiry Group

Getting started on my first blog for my “Math Inquiry Group” assignment and project. I was secretly hoping that someone would suggest something math related when we were given the opportunity to explore topics for our inquiry group. I must admit that I am excited to get through this week’s assigned reading, so that I can finally have some time to explore a topic of interest, mathematics!

I just checked out our course projects to figure out what exactly do I need to be doing for this assignment, but I am not sure. It seems like this project is a bit open ended. However, I just wanted to make sure that all of this somehow ties back to education and technology. What I am trying to say is that I think I am missing some component. Surely, our professor doesn’t just want us to use this platform to “research” our topics…right? Yet, are we suppose to get clever with digital applications for learning math? I guess I need to do some digging here since I don’t know much about math online. I would imagine those who are in this group already know about Khan Academy for Math.

Another one that I used to share often was Just Math Tutorials by Patrick (PatrickJMT), but totally forgot about it until now. I used to save EVERYTHING as under my “Favorites bar” until my computer crashed. Now, I save things onto Evernote 😉 (was trying to paste the green elephant icon here but failed). Ohhh, I just thought of something…, how clever that Evernote used an “elephant” icon! Get it?

Anyway, I had to think hard about this website (PatrickJMT) as I recalled it was something like PMT and had to do some Googleing…Eureka, glad I found it, otherwise, it would have drove me nuts all night. I remembered it was an awesome site for looking up specific math topics. And let me just tell you….OMG! It is surprisingly extensive with loads of video tutorials for various math topics. I don’t remember it having this much awesomeness! Best part is how organize it is and that it is all FREE!!! Check it out! By the way, I can binge watch these videos. Many of them are short (2:00 – 5:00 minutes). Can you imagine an afternoon watching a marathon on word problems for let’s say…solving systems (one of my favorites).

Math Inquiry Group members or not, please don’t hesitate to share great online resources for learning math. Bonus if you know of great apps, especially for graphing!


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