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Teaching and Learning

I am excited that once I post this blog, I will finally be caught up again! I want to take this time to reflect on a presentation that I gave in another class tonight. The assignment was to facilitate a 30 minutes “Engagement Activity” using a multicultural literature. Whew, what a feat it was for me considering that I don’t teach! To add on the fact that I hate reading and writing too!

Needless to say, it was a lot of work. I began to become extremely overwhelmed as I started to create a lesson plan so contrived for me. However, I am not only proud of the work that I ended up producing but that I have used so many skills that I learned in my Digital Literacy course and this one as well. For example, I found myself creating a Google Form for submitting my “Evaluation Tool for Multicultural Literature” assignment. In an essence, I even talked about SAMR! In tonight’s “Engagement Activity” assignment, I also hyperlinked items (words & short phrases 😉 ) on my lesson plan, so that I could click directly on it to get to the NPR interviews and other online resources as I facilitated. A classmate also asked me how I retrieved my items, and I told her that I uploaded it onto Google Doc. This was the first time where I became aware of what I am doing…becoming digital literate! I didn’t used to do any of this before!


2 thoughts on “Teaching and Learning

    1. Thanks for your comment. It made my day. I also linked the “Engagement Activity” now for all to share. It’s so funny that you mentioned it because I was debating on linking it or not. The only reason why I didn’t before posting was because I didn’t get the chance to remove some personal information and edit a bit where needed. Enjoy seeing the non-teacher in me. haha


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