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Syllabus & First Assignment on Canvas

I must admit it is definitely difficult to think about creating a curriculum while working full-time and going to school full-time. To make matter worse, this is my first formal attempt at doing this as well. It certainly doesn’t help that I am an analytical thinker, trying to make sure that I have thought about EVERYTHING all at once.

I wish it was as easy as coming with an assignment task and positing it. However, I am trying to make sure that there’s technology learning involved meeting the objectives in creating this course. I am also trying to learn this new Learning Management System, so there’s a lot for me to consider. Evidence of my work so far are posted below:

1) Actual syllabus revised

It is two pages, but I still need to tweak “grading” at a later point. I would also like to work on a calendar page of assignments due. So, students get a big picture for what is expected during the quarter. This is not my priority for this service learning; so, it is likely that it won’t happen. However, I will try my best.

Syllabus blackout

2) Uploaded the course syllabus onto Canvas

I would like to figure out how to embed onto the main page as oppose to showing up as a link as such below. I know this is possible because I’ve seen my instructors’ page that way. It will be nice to see the actual syllabus on it ready to scroll through. Perhaps, my partner in this service learning knows how to do this….collaboration? 🙂

Syllabus uploaded

3) First assignment posted onto Canvas

This is a continuation of my last service learning blog post. Slowly trying to build some sort of rhyme and reason, and organization to this course.

Padlet Question


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