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New App on Book Circle

My book circle was on “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves” by Jill Rettberg. Overall, I enjoyed the book as it was a leisure Sunday type of read. There were bits and pieces that I found interesting. I liked how the author traces/references back to archaic reasons for the different types of selfies mentioned: written, visual, serial, automated, and quantified. In other words, taking selfies (mainly speaking of posting photos or videos) is nothing new. However, technology has advance in how we take, filter, and share selfies so conveniently these days.

As for this new digital platform, Prezi, it was interesting to use. The basics of how to use it was intuitive and fairly easy to navigate. However, fine-tuning the logistics (e.g. editing pathway, adding more frames, switching out frames, and voice-record over) was slightly challenging for me. It definitely sucked to learn that you can only have the allotted 10 frames (slides) provided. To add, the spatial pathway/organization didn’t really make sense for me, except for the fact that it was a nice visual…?

I had issues and took way too much time trying to crop and adjust multiple photos just right to fit into a frame. Personally, I also hated when I or my classmates couldn’t get out videos or image to actually fit within the given frame. You can see the ugly grey checkered “I don’t fit” background. Ugh! Too add, I had to voice record separately than upload. Thankfully, I only had two recordings to do, but I found all of this to be extra cumbersome steps for me. At least on Power Point, you can record right on it. Perhaps, if you can do this on Prezi, then I just didn’t know how.

Below are my failed attempts in embedding  my book circle’s Prezi presentation to my blog. At this rate, I am going to post as-is and see what happens. I don’t know why I see it on “preview” mode, but it appears as a long ugly script.

Prezi_Selfie Cover.JPG


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