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Canvas Learning Management System

Earlier last week I requested for a dead site to allow content creation for the study skills class to roll out this Fall 2016. Apparently there has been some changes to Canvas, where I was required to take a backup orientation quiz. This took me awhile to review the modules before taking the required quiz. Overall, I found it helpful as it was also a means for me to orient myself with this platform from an instructor’s point of view/dashboard. In the past, I have only been a co-teacher/editor, but has never been the one to create it from scratch.


Orientation Quiz

Other parts that I have been working on is researching (surfing) a lot online regarding study skills and technology. More than anything else, I have simply been brainstorming. I feel that applications will come to me if I know what my “teaching goals” are, just because I have my study skills topics doesn’t exactly translate for me as…”okay, use this digital app to roll it out.”

Since I am still waiting on access for this sandbox to start playing in Canvas (I will call the IT department and check on this tomorrow morning), I have mostly been brainstorming. I am essentially creating curriculum from scratch and being extremely mindful that I am not simply “substituting” the “S” in SAMBR to replace teaching.

One idea that I thought of is using Google Form on the first day of class to inquire about students’ technology knowledge and access to it (Hmm…maybe I can “Poll Everything” as well). I would ask what digital device(s) do they own? Do they have internet at home? I would also briefly show them how to create a Google Form and have the class create one together (perhaps, one themed around “what type of final would you like for this class”), where I would have each student go up and “create a question.” I would ask students to try a different question-type if one’s already been used, to show case variety. What’s great about this is that I can use this information (questions and students’ responses) as feedback in actually tailoring to what they would like to do for their finals. I would hope that students show an array of choices that I would possibly consider. This way, it won’t all have to be some paper to submit or some presentation. Within content appropriateness and reason, I would allow freedom among variety of choice to showcase what they’ve learned for the quarter.


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