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A Filtered World

I love how Rettberg highlights a different perspective of “filters.” Just as she described and defined from the Oxford English Dictionary, it is commonly known as “the removal of unwanted content or impurities.” However, she gives a great perspective with the analogy of a coffee filter, in that it “stop the ground coffee beans from getting into the pot beneath, but the point of a coffee filter is to add flavour to water.”

This is how I find myself within my filtered blogs as I reflect on my book circle reading. My filter was not disclosing myself explicitly in the open, yet wanting to add some personalized content to keep my readers engaged and connected in some sense. It’s only been four months, but I am consciously aware that I’ve slowly began to naturally do this in my work. As told, I began to add gravatar to my different digital accounts and even some masked photos of myself; this filter of “adding flavor” to my blogs continued as I did the same to some of my digital work (e.g. 6 Word Memoir, Mediated Writing, and How to be Me).

…technological filters, ways in which our devices and algorithms have certain technical affordances and constraints…: straining out certain information and making other information more visible…And we are part of cultures that also have their sets of filters: rituals, customs, terminologies, assumptions and prejudices that are sometimes visible to us and sometimes taken for granted.  -Rettberg

As one who constantly registers as analytical on various personality tests, I wonder if this has anything to do with the way I filter. I wonder if those who register more as “extrovert and carefree” personalities are more inclined to post selfies? Even as I picked a background color for my previous blog post and for different digital apps, I would think “what would others think of me?” Perhaps these judgments of mine are reasons why I don’t Instagram or Facebook.

Do you have Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook? If so, then are you cognizant in your filters? How do you find yourself filtering your technological platforms? What are your perceptions of how others filter their platforms?


One thought on “A Filtered World

  1. Hi Lina! For me I think filters have a lot do with my personality. I am pretty private person so I don’t attach a lot of photos or posts on social media. I use social media more like a news platform and to keep up to date with my family and close friends. Whatever the motivation or the cause is, the book actually makes a very good point about filters. We all use them and we are so accustomed to them by now that we ignore them. I really had to think about that part of the reading to dig in to what my filters were because I was so unaware. It’s fascinating think about the rules we follow unconsciously and it tells a lot about ourselves.


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