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Technology and Learning

“Technology,” a word we were told to avoid in my last class, Digital Literacy. Now, we’re reading, blogging, and tweeting all about it, especially its use in the classroom for learning. Two reading for this week that came at a perfect time for me were:

“A National Push for More ‘Active use’ of Technology in Learning”: It was refreshing to learn that the Department of Education is putting an effort into digital learning. Also, that they recognize the need to shift a new concern on digital divide. It’s not only about lack of access to digital devices or internet, but rather “how educators guide students in using that technology.”

“Response: Technology in the Classroom ‘Is Simply a Tool”: I loved the responses in this article as they were all consistent in their overall message, “Technology is simply a tool…” (Andrew Miller), “…determine what tools (tech) are best for that (learning) purpose,” (Jennifer Orr), a cool web tool “doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for instruction or learning” (Michael Fisher), and

All too often, I see teachers get excited about a new, shiny app or device and immediately start thinking about how they can incorporate it into their classroom. Their curriculum becomes heavily influenced by what app they want to use just because it’s “cool” so they tack it in. The problem with this thinking is that cool fades-learning ticks. – Cheryl Mizerny

I see technology as a way to support learning subject content in the classroom; however, mindful planning with curriculum is also a necessity in effective teaching. This includes ensuring that digital applications are appropriate and useful for task at hand.

As I work on my Service Learning in creating a curriculum on a Canvas site for the first time. I need to be mindful of the digital applications I choose to use. Determine the learning goals to guide this process. What are some of the digital tools I should provide for college students to add to their toolbox?


3 thoughts on “Technology and Learning

  1. I like how you are being mindful with what you are using for your digital tools and that you aren’t just picking the next cool gadget that comes out. I also like how we are experimenting with things first to know if we like them and if they will work well with our students. When you ask about what you should use for your college students that is a great question. What are you thinking about teaching and having them use it for?
    Ps. I really like your blog layout!


      1. Thanks for the response and glad you like the new layout. I just changed it today (I must have spent two hours looking (previewing) at all the different “themes” (haha)! I thought this school look (e.g. notebook paper, post-it’s, side school tools) was fitting for this blog. Also, no, you do not need to include hash tags for comments; we only need it for tweeting.

        To answer your last question, take a look at my first “Service Learning” blog, which you can find by clicking under my “Categories” section. This will give you and idea of the “Study Skills” class that I am building with my partner. What I want to teach is very flexible at the moment; I just need to make sure it meets the objectives for the class (which is quite broad). So, I’d love for your input and ideas. Are you a teacher or becoming teacher certified (I am not)? If so, then what grade level do you teach/plan to teach?


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