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Revamping Study Skills Course

For the next ten weeks, I will be posting a weekly blog on the progress in my work for my Service Learning to what I am learning in my Education and Technology class. I am partnered with one of my classmates to work on these service learning credits; where we will be building a new Canvas site for a 2 credits study skill class that will be offered this Fall 2016 to college students.

The course purpose is to ensure success in college by helping students develop and implement effective learning skills and strategies. My partner and I have aligned study skills topics with course objectives. The ones that I will focus on are as follow: 1) take effective notes 2) create academically successful learning groups and 3) prioritize and set goals.

One of the main goals is to incorporate technology and digital literacy into the study skills curriculum. The current curriculum is still instructed in the old fashion, traditional teacher-lecture style. Thus, a long overdue and must towards revamping and teaching in the 21st century, within this new culture of learning.

Overall, we want to make this course engaging and interactive by collaborating through technology. We have begun to brainstorm some digital applications/platforms that will hopefully be useful and effective in teaching these study skills (i.e. iCalendar, Evernote, Google Forms, Quizlet).

I am only familiar with using Canvas, a learning management system (LMS), as a student. So, this will be a learning curve for me. My partner and I will be meeting weekly in building the structure aspect of the site. However, we will each be responsible for three study skill topics. We will also consult with Instructional Designers at the college’s institution to assist in creating a functional design of our Canvas site, and be mindful of the following:

  1. Is the layout intuitive?
  2. Do things look as good as they could on the screen?
  3. Is the material accessible for disabled students?
  4. Does the organization make itself clear?

For those who may be following, I would love any insights or foreseeable problems that I may encounter. I am not a teacher in the traditional sense, and creating an effective curriculum to ensure learning opportunities for all learners is challenging in itself.


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