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Weekly Play – Final Memes

Meme_You Get an A

I’ve been wanting to make this Oprah meme for awhile now, but decided that I would save it for my final play. Something that I have learned about creating memes is that it doesn’t always make sense or turn out as good if your audience doesn’t understand the “image” content used, original or remixed ;), or write caption appropriately for their audience.

For example, when I sent the one our professor made for our class website to my friend, she never replied back. I asked her about it the next time I saw her and she said that she didn’t understand it (even though I knew she watched all of “Game of Throne”). I quickly realized that she didn’t know what “BEDUC 476.” She didn’t know it was a “Digital Literacy” class, let alone it was a “class” in school. So, of course, it didn’t make sense to her.


I, on the other hand, thought this was really funny and amusing. However, had I  not watched the first two season of this show, I am sure this would be one of those jokes that I didn’t get and nor would I have been sharing as I did. This wasn’t my only fail of this sort, my sisters didn’t understand some of the ones I made for class; so, I was bummed.

Thus, I provided the YouTube link below to show my classmates where my final meme originated from, in the case you didn’t know. When I started to yell/shout my caption out to my boyfriend, in the enthusiastic manner as Oprah, he was chuckling like “What are you doing?” I told him I was practicing my final meme. Then, I found this clip below so that he would understand. Every time I do it now, he thinks it’s funny.

By the way, my sisters and I watched this episode together back in the the day; so, they totally played into it, when I announced my final meme over dinner months ago. 🙂

The one below is another meme that I created just for fun. I was going to use it a previous weekly play, but decided I would learn something new and challenge myself with another “make” instead, especially since I was going to post the Oprah one as my  final play.

Seriously though, can you believe all the blogs and plays we’ve made for this class? Amazing how much we’ve accomplished as we reflect on our work this quarter.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Play – Final Memes

  1. Love. This. The contexts, the skills, the humor. The connections that short forms of media can create — and the connections that are not made. This happens in all media in school — it’s perhaps more apparent in these playful forms.

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