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Mediated Writing – Adobe Slate

Language Learning

For this assignment, I used parts of a paper that I have written for another graduate class and mediated onto Adobe Slate. The main reason why I chose to use this writing piece as oppose to a research paper was because of the images that I wanted to use. I knew that these images are essentially “texts.” However, I felt that these foreign texts would serve as a nice backdrop for the “writing” parts.

The videos and hyperlinks that I chose, provided additional information that weren’t conveyed or written in my actual paper. This format allows for a nice segway without feeling like it didn’t belong in the original writing. Additionally, it shouldn’t detract readers from the overall Slate presentation if they chose not to click on them.

I’ve been working on this assignment for the past week now and really enjoyed this new medium. I might want to try using this over PowerPoint slides to add variety. I love visuals in general, and using Adobe Slate may illicit emotions through this medium more prominently than reading conventional writing. What’s lost are the details in writing, but this doesn’t takeaway from the overall content. I do want to mention that there was a historical piece on the banning of the “Taiwanese language” that I was going to include, but decided not to since I didn’t write it in my actual paper.

All of my images are purposeful. So, if you have a question about any of it, then please don’t hesitate to ask me; or I would love for you to share your interpretations for their purpose. 🙂


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