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I’ve sat here for almost half an hour trying to figure out what to blog about. My thoughts are a hodgepodge of different readings over the week. In any case, I keep coming back to this “inquiry” idea. So, it’s only ironic because I still haven’t solidified “my question” for this class; and honestly, probably it may not happen by next week. Hopefully, this blog and my recent insight will shed some light to it.

Inquiry is the process by which we ask not “What is it that we know?” but “What are the things that we don’t know and what questions can we ask about them?” (Thomas & Brown, p.83)

Something that troubles me a lot about inquiry is the fact that we’re not taught this process, especially if it’s within content that we’re either not interested in or familiar with. I know through experience that teachers, for the most part, encourage students to ask questions, especially questions that require clarification for better understanding. However, as a math tutor I quickly learned that students don’t ask questions because they don’t understand what to ask! In other words, in the quote above where it mentions “don’t know” implies an underlying “know” or “understanding” for one to be able to ask “what they don’t know.” (Hopefully, that made sense.)

So, the fact that I feel so overwhelmed with all this new knowledge about technology, digital literacy, and issues on digital divide, it’s no surprise to me that I don’t know what to ask. I barely have a grasp on all of this, and swimming to stay afloat with all this new information that I have no passion of inquiry. I am not saying that I don’t care about access to the digital world; but how am I supposed to care about this when I don’t have Wi-Fi myself and I don’t see it as a “basic” need in life. To add, I don’t teach nor plan on doing so in the traditional classroom setting. Perhaps, another reason why it’s been difficult for me to come up with a tangible question this quarter.

Is it just me or did you have a hard time coming up with a question for this class? What questions or insights do you have for me after reading my problematic post? Were you able to read between the lines and see something that I didn’t catch myself?…


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