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Weekly Play – How To Be (Make)


5 thoughts on “Weekly Play – How To Be (Make)

  1. HI Lina,
    I really liked this and am thinking about creating one! You inspired me 🙂 Wouldn’t be the first time, it was really great getting a chance to connect with you a little bit on our walk to class last week. Your perspective and real world experiences working in your positions are so relatable to what I enjoy and hope to be doing. thanks for sharing this awesome play!

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  2. Thanks Laura for your thoughtful and nice comment. I enjoy connecting with you as well in class, on CANVAS, and out of class. I definitely hope you give this a try, maybe for your final weekly play?… I learned/discovered that this Google presentation works similarly to PowerPoint. So starting from scratch is just as easy as clicking on Sheri’s link at the end to copy template (as she’s given permission to do so). I am sure you’ll have a good one to share when you create yours. So much room for creativity! Have fun playing with this make 🙂


  3. Gorgeous Lina. Thanks for sharing this. The aesthetics are so good – I didn’t realize that it was Google at first.

    I like to show students who are so busy outside of classes how they can collaborate on creating Google Slides — no more meeting on Saturday mornings to prep for a class group presentation unless they want to. They can collaborate remotely.

    But beyond that, this is lovely.

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    1. Thanks! I spent six hours on it and was up until 2am Friday night to get in by Saturday due time (I knew I would be up at the mountain playing all day, as it was last day of ski/snowboarding school). At first, I didn’t quite understand your comment, but I get it now! It wasn’t clicking b/c I rarely use Google Doc as some are more familiar with. Your comment reminded me that what you described was exactly what happened with our group this quarter for another class. I had to figure out how to comment (add suggestions), edit what’s been written, and read (the different color codes for those contributing) as our group planned our presentation. We were supposed to meet, but quickly realized that everyone was so busy and all lived pretty spread out from each other. Extremely appreciative of your comment and informing of collaborative connection.


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