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Tabletop Moviemaking

Class was so fun this week! The next day, I was bragging all about it to my boss and talking about it with a classmate. Having film maker and founder of Tabletop Moviemaking, Brick Maier come to our class was such a treat! I was simply appreciative of this opportunity and thought it was just brilliant!

Getting this crash course of moviemaking got me excited about filming in general and more appreciative of works like “Inanimate Alice” and “Pine Point.” I am and analytical person and do love arts; so, I know that putting all the components in “Inanimate Alice” and “Pine Point” took a lot of work within the different layers (i.e., transitions, music, obvious/not obvious interactive pieces).

I will say that it definitely helped to have worked with classmates who have played with Tabletop Moviemaking before to make the filming process much smoother. What I found surprising was how much I learned with just three lessons to create our end result.

Also, the excitement I have about this box is interesting to me. Maybe I am over exaggerating or hyping this up, but it’s crazy when I think about this box with barely anything in it. Seriously, it’s a box, with two dowels, paperclips, and paper printouts! Perhaps, I find it pure genius in it with endless possibilities for storytelling through video.

I could definitely see Tabletop Moviemaking to be a hit with young kids. It’s also a different avenue for literacy and storytelling. The best parts are illustrations are provided; however, you could also create your own background/scenery, characters, and props. Also, the fact that you get to do voices and sound effects is awesome.

If it’s difficult for young kids to begin to write their own story, a creative way would be for them to film one story (or part) out from one of their reading books. So, that scaffolding and structure is there; they could utilize dialogue lines in the book or create their own, decide if they want have a narrator or not (regardless, I am sure they’ll will like recording their voices), find appropriate scenes to hang up, and find or draw their own characters. I think this would also be fun to do as a family; something different from game night or watching a movie together to change it up.



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