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First Twitter Chat

If you’re following along my digital learning experience, then you’ll notice my theme has been around a lot of “first’s,” “My First Blog,” my first meme, my first GIF, and now “My First Twitter Chat.” I am blogging about this as means to help me out with my final portfolio, but it’s also a meaningful reflection for me. I know I won’t have these “first” moments of frustrations and successes in learning and experiencing these different venues again, and it will be fun and funny to look back on one day.

Based on a few classmates sharing in class a couple weeks ago, I imagined what Twitter Chat would be like. Ironically, my first GIF, titled “Analogy of Twitter Chat Screen,” was right on point considering it was created and posted before my actual Twitter Chat experience.

How I got into my first Twitter Chat was by accident, and technically doesn’t count. Following a little too closely on a classmate’s Twitter Tweet, I decided to check out #edtechchat. Yup, that’s what happens when curiosity gets the best of you, you join something crazy. Thankfully, there was only fifteen minutes left in this one, just in time to get a taste of this craziness. When it was over, I finally was able to scroll and read around the chat column that I added to my Tweetdeck. I discovered someone promoting another chat to take place in a few minutes. So, I took the opportunity to log on and checked out #HSGEdChatTN.

It took a few Tweets and awhile but I found out that HSG stood for Home Street Group, a “national organization that works to ensure every American will have access to tools and options leading to economic opportunity and prosperity” and this particular this Twitter Chat group is dedicated to teachers’ voice in education. TN chapter,…I can only assume means Tennessee…? No one clarified this one for me.

Anyway, with a helpful tweet from a classmate, I was set to start my first Twitter Chat, which turned out to be a successful experience. It was a whirlwind, so the questions answers are a blur at this moment. However, I do remember the questions were relevant and practical, and it felt great to be able to contribute. I also read a lot of great responses. I was amazed at the lightening speed of answers, the array of responses, and richness in content. It was also too cool when people “liked” your responses. I quickly picked this little trick up as a means to acknowledge something that really resonated with me or will use down the road.

Overall, this Twitter Chat experience reminded me of Rheingold’s need to have coordination, cooperation, and collaboration in order to “socially-digitally know-how” to have a successful Twitter Chat. You can read my responses (answers) in my first Twitter chat through #Storify!


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