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Checking in on Failing

I didn’t think that I had to learn to fail, but it seems that I am having to do so with this class. It is only the third week and I am dreading blog posts and feel very uneasy about the assignments to come. Having to read a lot is one thing, but then having to blog/write is another challenging task for me. At this point, I am not sure if blogging about something of interest would make the difference with my writer’s block.

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely playing around in this digital world. As a matter of fact, spending a lot of time reading fellow classmates blogs and professionals that I am following (wishing my work could be like theirs). It’s helping in the sense that it has opened my eyes to a lot of perspectives that I never thought about or simply naïve towards. Yet, at the same time, I feel so inadequate not being able to come up these critical questions and deeper thoughts. On top of that, not having the skills to write eloquently. Therefore, ashamed to write anything at all; feeling as if what I have to write isn’t worth cloud space.

I thought I would fail at my first meme, but oddly enough, that didn’t happen. It wasn’t easy because I wanted to state the obvious, but then I realized that’s not what a real clever meme would entail (at least that’s what I think). It definitely took a while before I came up with what I thought was a pretty good meme.

Then, there was curation day. Looking through what others have posted, I really had no idea where to start. I am thinking, my professor has already put a ton of helpful tools links and my classmates are also doing the same. So, what else am I supposed to add to it; I survived curation day this week, but what am going to do for the next 7 weeks!?

I also took more time exploring #walkmyworld and Twitter Chats, but still not understanding it completely. Not to mention, somewhat intimidated to dive right into playing in either field unknown. I know I know…I’ll inevitably have to; otherwise, how else would I truly know if I fail at this or not.

I must admit that I am scared to fail; I don’t know what I am doing. I keep coming back to all my frustrations. For example, I spent over eight hours today (and more over the week) on my blog trying to figure things out! Although I finally got a lot accomplished on my own, there is still quite a bit of quirks that has bugged me all day! What’s worse is that it looks like I’ve made no improvements on my page! In any case, I am in it for the long haul. So, here I go…continuing to play in this digital playground. Now, I must go make some comments.


5 thoughts on “Checking in on Failing

  1. Lina,
    I love your honesty! I completely identify with your feelings of failing and frustration, I had those same feelings last week. Most days I feel digitally inept. Hang in there, we are all failing together! -Kellee


  2. I hear you! We’ve done so much in these first weeks.

    I think your “fail” here is not seeing how it is starting to come together for you!

    Here’s where I saw it all working for you yesterday: You read something I’d put on that “new” widget on the syllabus and I don’t think that anyone else had read it (which I expect. That’s fine. Different headlines catch different eyes!). You made great connections to the part of that article about the inequalities of facebook and my space. You tweeted about that — perfect.

    And often in this world, as people think about things like that more, they decide to say a bit more in a blog post so that others can think with them about something that didn’t seem very significant at the time but now makes sense in new ways. But it’s really common to start something on Twitter and then take it a bit further in a blog.

    And you can put links from that syllabus widget on the curation site. That’s exactly what curation is — out of all this information, you choose something to recommend to others. I think that it’s great when people do that.

    That’s the *network* part of this: You connect with what others are thinking about, make interesting connections to some of it that’s going to help us all make sense of what this means, and then make good decisions about what to recommend to others.

    Sorry! You’re still not failing so you have some work to do :).


    1. Thanks Jane for noticing and providing me constructive feedback on my “fail” and your encouragement. I am enjoying the class and the process in learning something so foreign to me. -Lina


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