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Reasons for a Professional Blog

Again, it has been quite a frustrating day playing in this world of digital literacy and trying to complete class assignments. However, I know that I am not alone. I have read quite a few blog postings all day and this evening, so I know a few of my classmates can relate.

There is so much to read and do; and not knowing how to do them or discovering that I am doing it wrong simply adds on to the overwhelming tasks. Although, all I want to do right now is vent and gripe some more about my inadequacy with technology, I decided that I am going to blog on something more positive and hopefully more meaningful and helpful for me in this post.

Under the “tools readings” provided for class, I came across “8 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Blog” by Tom Barrett. I thought, hmm, this would be good for me since I am such a cynic, not to mention naïve,  about digital literacy and social media. Below, I will list the 8 items mentioned in the blog by Barrett and challenge myself to an exercise, where I will then interpret and give it my own spin of interpretation without having read Barrett’s first. Here goes…

  1. Make Room for Yourself: Kind of like a physical exercise, this is would be a place and activity for me to knowledge dump, think through ideas, and reflect.
  2. Catharsis: Interestingly enough, it has been therapeutic in writing these few blogs. I wouldn’t call them professional at this point, but sharing and reading some of the same struggles along my classmates has been helpful in this learning process.
  3. Model a Growth Mindset: Thus, this self-talk (blog) and exercise that I just created for myself. I’ve been failing A LOT, but I know that the discoveries in these mistakes have allowed me to grow in the digital knowledge, and not to give up learning and playing in it.
  4. A Space to Reflect: I have learned as educators that it is critical to reflect in general. I believe that there are always room for improvement and efficiency. Reflection also takes critical thinking, hopefully allowing me to fix flaws or giving myself a pat on the back for something going well.
  5. Ship Your Ideas: Something I have learned in my research class is the need to share ideas. Why reinvent the wheel? Perhaps, a study has been already done where I can borrow the idea or tailor it to fit my needs. Thus, the need to do the same and share best practices.
  6. Gain Perspective: Since writing my blog is already my own perspective, I would assume that this would mean reading others who comment on my blogs. These could be the acknowledgment of sharing similar ideas or insights from others that would enlighten me.
  7. Build a Community: Connecting and networking with others in similar, professional field could be beneficial in different ways, whether it’s sharing the same frustrations and struggles with our students to providing guidance to a solution.
  8. Build a Professional Thinking Archive: For me, this would tie into items three and four on this list. I must admit that this is one of the exciting part for me about blogging for the first time, especially as I blog with some topical restrictions (for class purposes). I know it would be funny to read my grips about digital literacy, but more importantly, I want to see myself move on beyond a superficial level of blogging as I develop this “thinking archive.”



3 thoughts on “Reasons for a Professional Blog

  1. Hi Lina -thanks for sharing some of your own thinking and interpretation regarding my points I shared. Each of us need to find the most compelling reason from some of those listed. “Catharsis” is something I have referred to for years and is still a key one for me. Which one resonates with your own emerging experience of blogging the most?

    If you are also on Twitter please make sure you drop me a note so i can stay connected.


    1. Hi Tom! I am thrilled you commented on my blog! Who knew others beside my classmates and teacher are reading this. Thank you for your helpful blog. To answer your question, I would say that “making room for myself” would be the one that I find most compelling and that resonates with me most at this emerging time of blogging.

      A blend of my interpretation and yours is what I see. The difference is that mine sounds like harder work (like going to the gym to get my writing practice and brain exercises in) and yours is more relaxing (like going to the spa to ease my body of tensions and headaches). I like your interpretation much better as it is more motivating to do. However, this step is like going to the gym for me; I find that consistency, balance, and pushing myself with the right challenges, and enjoying the “workout” will be key factors.


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