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Gripes about Digital Learning

As I self reflect about myself as a learner in this digital culture, several random thoughts come to mind…mostly my frustrations and gripes. First off, as I thought of a title for this blog post, I had to think “what is the difference between ‘digital’ and ‘technological’? Is there a difference? Are these terms used synonymously?

I did look up the definition for “digital” through and found that the first four definitions were my understanding of the word. I also see this distinction because I tutor math; and when I see the word “digital,” I think numbers, math, and a calculator (which, I guess is a technical item…?) However, reading on, I can how it is similar and related to “technology” in the fourth and fifth definitions.

Second, I am extremely frustrated typing this blog right now because I am challenged with technology and especially Mac computers, which is what I am using right now. I am sure once I learn how to use it, then it won’t be so bad. However, the simple things of computer use that I am savvy with on a regular PC (Is that what it’s even called?…this is how clueless I am with technical jargons.) is so hard for me to figure out on this.

At first, I wanted to cut and paste something at the beginning of writing this post, but couldn’t figure out how to work the mouse (and still can’t). Why isn’t there a right and left click button for me to select “cut” and “paste.” I can highlight what I want, but then what… Then, I wanted to try out doing what the cool kids do and hyperlink the url to the “digital” definition page on  the website, but, again, I don’t know how to work the mouse to cut and paste without having to look back and forth to type the actual address (wondering if I typed it correctly,…only then, having to try clicking on it to make sure it works).

Another mouse issue… I kept moving the curser to the right of the screen, looking for the scroll up and down button but couldn’t find it (or don’t know how to get it to pop up). I am just glad that, for some odd reason, I thought about using my fingertips to “scroll” on the mouse. (*rolls eye* seriously, who would have thought?)

I did have something else in mind to post initially, but after experiencing these digital/technical issues…#failing, it led me to blogging about all of this. Lastly, with all these mice issues, I was afraid to navigate away from this screen. At first, I thought “oh shoot, I don’t know what all these icons mean on this computer.” Which is the minimize screen icon? Which is the close/exit screen? Where is the clock to look up what time it is? (BTW: I still don’t know where any of these are located) What if I accidentally close it and don’t know how to open it back up, or have to retype everything and lose my train of thought. I almost scratched the idea of navigating around, but again…#playing around allowed me to explore, possibly fail, but in this instance, figure this part out at the very least (#onesuccess).

Side note: Ironically, I moved from using my (work) iPad tablet, which I also don’t know how to use very well; but I believe what little I know is what allowed me to navigate just a bit on this Mac computer, that is obviously not mine. Reason for switching iPad to this, I have trouble typing on tablets and prefer big screens. Another reason why I don’t really text on my iPhone. 🙂

Amusing side note to me: As my boyfriend got me set up on this computer and went to bed, he asked what I was doing. I replied that I am posting my blog. He asked “what’s that?” I replied “you know…, blog” as if he should, at the very least, know what the term meant. (LOL, cause I actually don’t) He then said, “I don’t know. I don’t do that stuff.” I then responded with my understanding of the word, which is to “write about stuff, kind of like journaling online, and for this class, we’re blogging about digital stuff.”

In a sarcastic tone, “oh man, I can’t wait to learn how to make memes and gifs.” Note to self, DO NOT use a Mac computer.


5 thoughts on “Gripes about Digital Learning

  1. Ah, what a great high quality fail!! Figuring out the mouse to scroll was genius. I know it’s frustrating. I hate using PCs. And the growth curve is usually pretty quick if you stick with it.

    Free helpdesk support just for you today: right click is done with ‘the control key and clicking” on a mac. The keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting are the same on mac and PC: Command c, command v…. it’s way quicker than using the menu. So do that cool kid thing of creating a hyperlink under text :).

    And in the end, here it is, a pretty comprehensive post, all published and all. You did it.

    I so appreciate your tenacity.


  2. Hi Lina,
    I can relate SO much to your post. I have almost no experience with Apple products other than my phone and I always struggle. I too am pretty savvy on the pc but when it comes to navigating a mac anything I have a serious learning curve. I was hired as a student employee while attending community college, it was the digital arts department at my school. I had no experience at all working on a mac and most of my work was in final cut pro, which was so hard to learn. It seemed that everything I knew from a pc was the exact opposite on the mac. Luckily, I have had a little more exposure and experience in the past few quarters I seems easier. I think learning this stuff will get easier the more we do it. I felt so intimidated with twitter and now I feel as if I am getting it. A little more anyway. It seems like everyone has a blog these days and some are really good. I feel the pressure to make something decent if I am going to put anything out there. It is hard when you have to learn the system and think about what to write. It is great getting to know you in class and online Lina!



    1. Bit late, but wanted to say thanks for your comment. It’s also refreshing to hear that others are or were in similar boat as mine. I also appreciate the part where you mentioned feeling the pressure to make/write something decent; this can be extremely stressful! It’s been great to know you as well in both classes! I really enjoy all your inputs. -Lina


  3. I am so glad you are sharing the gripes! I feel like a bit (ok, alot) of a fool everytime I got to do something for this class. It is nice to know that we are all in the struggle together! Also, no clue how to use a Mac for me, so you are way ahead of this classmate:)

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