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First Blog

It is January 12th, 2016 and I completed a lot of first’s in this digital media world today. Everything I have been avoiding to do, in terms of social media, has now become a requirement in this first assignment. So scary…especially how it pulls your information!

I successfully created my Twitter account and used hashtags for the purpose of “hashtagging” for the first time. Someone from my digital past (more than 15 years ago), that I lost touch with, immediately added me as someone they’re following. Hrmm…I think I need to figure out the privacy settings.

I am one of those who look like I should be up to date or know a bit about the technology world and one that owns a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest account, but the truth is I do not. I have updated to a smart phone, iPhone 6, for less than a year and not by choice. Prior to this, I was using a cell phone that barely had color on it; and it was only a few years prior to that did I get unlimited texting. I, seriously, could have been owning a pager with the way I used my old cell phone. Even with this smart phone, I barely do anything on it besides the common uses: make calls, texts, take photos, schedule calendar, type reminder/note lists. Although part of this is due to not having a lot of data, the other part is simply the fact that it’s not me. I don’t tend to communicate via text or email.

With the completion of my second assignment, created a blog account, I would like to say to myself “Welcome to the digital world and good job on creating your Twitter and first webpage! Now, go create your Known account.” Thinking…”What is a Known account?”…


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